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Field Trip Chaperone Checklist

October 19, 2017


field trip chaperone checklist

At Escot, field trips are part of what we do every day. What starts out as a simple class field trip can quickly turn to crisis when the unexpected happens. Avoid those oh no moments by bringing these essential items every chaperone should pack with them. Our field trip chaperone checklist is also available in a printable PDF when you sign up for our FL Educator Newsletter!

Escot's Field Trip Chaperone Checklist


1. Printed Roster

A list of all students to reference whenever you’re preparing to leave a location.

2. Colored Wristbands

Having every student wear the same color wristband can help you identify your students in a crowd.

3. Sanitizing Wipes

Fact- kids cough and sneeze into their hands and touch all kinds of things. Make sure you’re not missing work the next day by bringing wipes. Also great for wiping grimy fingers after lunch.

4. Sunscreen

If you will be outside at any time during the field trip, you'll need sunscreen to prevent kids from getting burnt. This is especially true here in Florida.

5. Water

It's important that students are replacing the fluids lost from walking all day. Make sure you and your group stay hydrated.

6. Tissues

Also in the ‘don’t get sick' category, bringing tissues keeps snot and germs away from other kids.

7. Correct Wardrobe

Check the weather for the day and dress accordingly. Shoes are just as important, wear comfortable, supportive shoes. Blisters aren’t nearly as fun as the zoo.

8. Map

Don’t count on your GPS to work at all times. Avoid the stress of getting lost and by having a map handy.

9. Snacks

Especially if you are walking all day, some light snacks to help fuel your group is important. Skip the Doritos and stick with healthy options like nuts or granola.

10. Flashlight

Useful for overnight trips. When the sun has set and you need to do a headcount, a flashlight helps you ensure all are accounted for.

11. First Aid Kit

Hand eye coordination is not exactly a 7-year old’s wheelhouse, so scrapes and cuts are bound to happen. Be prepared with Band-Aids, Neosporin, wipes, etc.

12. Poncho

Only in Florida can it rain on one side of the street and not the other. With surprise showers always a possibility, don’t risk spending the day in wet clothes.


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