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Top 10 Best Websites for Teachers

November 04, 2017

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Lesson Plans Made Awesome

Let's face it, lesson plans are hard work. Ensuring your curriculum is meeting state requirements while also being engaging and interesting isn't always easy. That's why Escot put together this list of the best websites for teachers. These resources will make sure your students are paying attention, learning, and actually enjoying the material!



Teachers Network provides a plethora of great resources for such as lesson plans, how-to articles, links to other helpful sites, videos about teaching, and even resources made especially for new teachers.



Another one of our best websites for teachers, this site lies on the more creative side of the spectrum. It is not only a resource but an online workshop for teachers. You can read other teachers work and create your own resources to share with others.



Discovery Education offers teachers a myriad of digital content. Discovery offers digital textbooks, digital media available to stream, puzzles, virtual field trips, and even resources for professional development. Material is available for grades K-12.



Edhelper primarily caters to the elementary school demographic. It offers worksheets for every subject (varying in difficulty), workbooks, critical thinking games, homework assignments, lessons plans, themed assignments, and brainteasers / puzzles.



This site caters to English and literature teachers for the most part. It is a specialized search engine that helps teachers find books at the correct grade level for students to with Guided Reading, Lexile Measure, and DRA.



Google Earth is excellent for teaching geography. It allows you to view any area around the world at any time. You could even take tours of different sites such as the Eiffel Tower!



The National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Trust for the Humanities has develped one of the best websites for history teachers. It offers everything from lesson plans to videos and photos for a variety of humanities subjects.



NSTA is a great resource for science teachers. It provides dates for educational events and conferences, science supply guides, STEM books, and science trade books as well.



This site has an interesting blog / workshop style to it. It features many different informative articles, a “Hot Tips & Topics” section, Lesson plans, teaching tools, and even sections for professional advancement and graduate programs.



This site is very unique in the sense that it allows instructors to create and share interactive multimedia such as posters (glogs), which may contain “pictures, text, video, links, and animation”.


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