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Two New Additions to the Fleet

September 11, 2018

New Bus Photo 2-518371-edited

Introducing Charter Buses 8703 and 8704


As part of Escot's continued mission to help bring groups to the AWESOME everyday, we've added two brand spankin' new charter buses to our fleet. These vehicles are light years from the bus you took visiting home from college. Escot's 2018 VanHool's come equipped with all the amenities you'd expect from Escot including-

  • On Board WiFI
  • Charging Outlets
  • DVD Player
  • PA System
  • On Board Restroom
  • Large Luggage Bays
  • Reclining Seats


Riding in Comfort and Style


New Bus Interior



Escot's new charter buses feature beautiful interiors with vinyl imitation wood flooring. The foot rests and reclining seats will keep you comfortable and cozy for the entire journey. Each vehicle also includes an on board DVD player and monitors throughout the cabin, which are especially useful for longer trips or groups of kids.






Plenty of Room for Luggage


New Bus Photo 4-615088-edited



Each vehicle features large luggage bays to give you plenty of room for luggage on even the longest trips. The overhead bins inside the cabin will also provide additional storage and easy access to gadgets without sacrificing leg room.







Stay Connected and Charged 






There's nothing worse than getting to your destination with a drained battery. Escot's fleet keeps your group connected and entertained with on board WiFi and charging outlets. Perfect for laptops, tablets and cell phones.